Sommer Aktion

Sommer Aktion


Get this amazing summer package now minus 15%! Three amazing products including our organic Sun Care!

Summer Kit

Sun Care SPF 30+

Free of chemical filters and free of aluminum. Available as a practical 125ml spray.

For this sun care, a special formula with correspondingly high UV protection (30+) was developed. Without the often very annoying white film on the skin.

Our sun care contains no nano-particles or chemical filters. But just a mixture of physical filters of natural origin, such as jojoba oil and substances like Silicea. As a result, the sun care can be well distributed on the skin and forms a natural barrier against the sun.

The scent of GÍÍLNEA BÍO is beautiful, you can smell the combination of castor oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil.

However, you should provide the skin with enough moisture especially when it is exposed to the sun, for this reason it is recommended to apply aloe body gel before sunbathing. On the one hand, the skin is well cared for, on the other hand the white film is reduced, which cannot be completely removed with organic sunscreens. Many customers are very enthusiastic about our Sun Care, because the white film that most organic sunscreens have is reduced to a minimum. This sunscreen is also highly recommended for children, because children's skin is even more sensitive to the chemical filters that are found in some other sun care products.

BB Cream:

This shaded cream with sun protection factor SPF 15 offers optimal care for hot summer days. UV protection from the sun without any chemicals: the ingredients titanium dioxide, iron oxide, mica and silica form a natural barrier against the sun.

We recommend Anti Aging Gel as an aftersun in addition to BB Cream in summer.  It cools the skin after sunbathing and can help prevent skin aging.

BB Cream ensures an even complexion, compensates for small imperfections and provides the skin with moisture. Because of these properties, the BB Cream is also very popular as a primer under make-up.

BB Cream:

  • shaded day care
  • natural sun protection
  • even complexion

Please make sure that you don't expose your skin to direct sunlight for too long, as this can accelerate the skin aging process. Make sure you have enough sun protection and a hat.

We recommend Anti Aging Gel as an aftersun in addition to BB Cream in summer.  It cools the skin after sunbathing and can help prevent skin aging.

Deo Sensitive

An innovative product that is deodorant, absorbent and also naturally antibacterial. It is skin-friendly and gives a pleasant feeling of freshness all day long. 24 hours.

It contains no aluminum and no alcohol. Zinc salt of ricinoleic acid and myrtle extract act as odor inhibitors. Due to the aloe vera, this deodorant is also very suitable for sensitive skin, especially after shaving. The ingredients lavender leaf extract and rosemary have a slightly anti-bacterial effect. Olive oil and aloe vera provide gentle care for the armpit area.

Sensitive deodorant roll on has a natural antibacterial, absorbent and deodorant effect. It is skin-friendly and nourishing.

GÍÍLINEA BÍO cosmetic products contain handmade organic and vegan certified ingredients with raw food quality to give the skin the perfect regeneration and balance. The high-quality oils obtained from organic agriculture enable our products to provide intensive but gentle care for all skin types. In order to appreciate the power of nature, we do not use any silicones, parabens, sulfates etc.

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