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Our products are:
Cruelty Free - no animal testing100%
Palmoil free100%
Certified organic100%
Certified vegan100%


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Product of the week!

BÍO LIFT POWER REPAIR COMPLEX is made from organic, highly active ingredients from Salento and is an extremely innovative product that represents a true revolution in the world of cosmetics. The mode of action, which is visible immediately after the first application, is the result of a careful and well-chosen combination of active, plant-based ingredients, which are known for their natural, beneficial effects.


Tobacco leaf extract in combination with shea butter, argane seed oil, pomegranate seed oil, chamomile and calendula regenerates the cell membrane and accelerates collagen production for a natural, lasting lifting effect. The precise work process enables the quality of the active ingredients to remain constant and increases the effect on the skin. Instead of daytime, use night cream. It is easy to distribute and use very sparingly.

Use Bio Lift Power COMPLEX once or twice a day. Ideal for face, eye contour, neck / décolleté - massage in gently.

We recommend using Bio Lift Power Repair Complex in combination with Bio Lift Power Repair Serum to achieve the maximum effectiveness of the herbal ingredients.

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Are you looking for a natural, yet powerful and effective Skin Care Treatment?

With pleasant, natural scent and a smooth texture. Would you like a product that was manufactured in Europe, with European standards, that respects the environment and the people?

We provide you with elegant, effective and powerful Skin Care Treatments. The careful selection of natural ingredients and the combination of powerful plant based remedies results in a skin care product that makes your skin feel smooth and velvet again. 


All our products are certified organic, which means that 98% of all plant based ingredients are from organic farming.

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Our products are also certified VEGAN because we don't use any ingredients of animal origin nor do we test our products on animals.

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Palmoil free

We don't  use palm oil in our products, palm oil is highly criticized because for the plantation of palm oil has a very negative impact on the eco system. It also leads to the extinction of rare species and animal habitats. 

You wanna find out more about how we protect the Rainforest? 

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Cruelty Free

We don´t test our products on animals. And our products don´t contain any ingredients of animal origin.

Austrian Family Business

All products on this Website are from Leibetseder KG. Leibetseder KG an austrian small business is the owner of the GÍÍLINEA BÍO brand. 

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