In case you have ever wondering, where the name GÍÍLINEA BÍO comes from and what it means ...

The name is made up of two words, namely GÌÌ and LINEA, the GÍÍ is supposed to stand for the "Qi", which represents the all activating energy in the universe. Qi is the energy of all things and can bring balance, vitality and strength, when used in a healing way. LINEA is a creative name for line as in cosmetics line. The name thus becomes a cosmetic line that has  an activating, revitalizing and harmonizing effect.

Thanks to the valuable ingredients from organic farming, GÍÍLINEA BÍO is a holistic cosmetic product that embodies harmony and well-being. ⁠

We use cold-pressed organic oils such as argan oil, rose seed oil, wheat germ oil and many other expensive oils in our products! In combination with aloe vera, these have a great anti-aging effect!

We are an Austrian family business, you can buy our products in many organic shops and drugstores in Austria and Germany.

Our products can also be purchased online. We would be happy to provide advice on our products, just contact us via WhatsApp or E-mail us!

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