Hyaluron occurs naturally in the body and is characterized by the fact that it can bind enormous amounts of water. One gram of hyaluron can bind up to 6 liters of water. Bound to water, it acts as a gel-like substance in many functions in our body, for example for smooth movements of the joints and intervertebral discs.

In the skin, the water-storing property of hyaluronic acid ensures elasticity and flexability. Unfortunately, the hyaluronic acid stores empty from the age of 25. The skin loses moisture and elasticity and wrinkles can occur. In order to effectively fight later wrinkles, it makes sense to replenish the hyaluronic acid reservoir from the first signs of degradation. If the skin is continuously supplied with hyaluronic acid over a longer period of time, wrinkles can be reduced. However, hyaluronic acid should not be seen as a sole fighter. In combination with other natural skin-tightening agents such as Aloe vera or prickly pear oil, hyaluron can have the best effect. The moisturizer glycerin and various naturally occurring antioxidants, plant extracts and oils help to combat premature skin aging.

In terms of structure, hyaluron is a polysaccharide, for our products we use hyaluron, which is produced from the fermentation of glucose.

In our GÍÍLINEA BÍO products, we use exceptional combinations of natural ingredients to best counteract skin aging. The skin feels noticeably elastic, soft and velvety. The products help to restore the skin's natural moisture balance and achieve an intensive anti-aging effect.

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